Hug Machine by Scott Campbell – Reviewed by Rebecca Jones

Nerdy Book Club

hug-machine-9781442459359_lgAs a children’s librarian and mama of three, I’m pretty much obsessed with kid lit. I scavenge online and in print to learn about the latest and greatest in children’s books, always searching for that next fantastic read. And while I’m full of my own opinions about what makes a quality children’s book, I’m also wise enough to defer to my kids before I make a final judgment.

About a month or so ago I started tuning into some buzz about a just-published picture book from an author/illustrator new to me. Scott Campbell has a bio tailor-made for a great book — he’s studied comics and children’s book illustration at San Francisco’s Academy of Art, worked designing kids’ video games, published some graphic novels, and displayed paintings in art galleries. Campbell’s graphics represent a happy medium between whimsical, geeky, and just plain cute.

A copy of Campbell’s first children’s book…

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