17 Lifechanging Things That Happen When You Live With Your Best Friend

1. Your wardrobe doubles
‪If you’re anywhere near being the same size, or even sometimes when you aren’t, you’re going to end up sharing your clothes. A lot of people look at this like it’s the kiss of death for a friendship, but for me, it was like sprinkling Miracle Grow— our friendship was supercharged by sharing all our stuff. We went shopping together and bought clothes as a unit, even. If we ever needed a particular article of clothing, we had it on deck, and if it was dirty, we likely had a substitute. It made getting ready fun instead of an endless struggle of wardrobe ennui.‬

2. You find things 10x faster
‪Where are your keys? If you don’t know, your roommate might. They know all the stupid places you leave your things and can turn a two hour debit card stakeout into a two second “what about your laptop bag?”‬

3. You always have a date
‪Worried about showing up to a party alone? With your built-in best friend plus one, you’re good to go. Batteries not included.‬

4. You resolve every problem faster
‪When you live together, arguments center around leftover food and dirty dishes. Everything else becomes almost instantly solvable— what’s the point in fighting? You have to co-exist, you’re in a box together and you share a sink. You help each other more, and that includes helping each other fix the issues between the two of you with ease.‬

5. You wake up/come home to gifts and notes
‪You leave each other cute shit like a damn couple. Why not? It’s like, who else is going to do this for me? You know this person like you know yourself, and you treat them the way you want to be treated. And damn, treat yourself, right? Half the time, you buy a pack of cookies for your roommate and end up eating half with them anyway. If that aint love then I don’t know what love is.‬

6. You have a hangover nurse whenever you need one
‪When you can’t move your limbs or think about daylight, your roommate has the four limbs you need to go to the grocery store and get reinforcements. It’s a beautiful thing. Now that I live on my own and have no one to get a buffalo chicken quesadilla and packet of Excedrin migraine when I can’t, I swear my hangovers last six hours longer and make me question my existence.‬

7. You don’t go hungry
‪Eating your roommates food without replacing it is a cardinal sin, punishable by eternal broken trust and hatred. But sharing your own food and replacing theirs is one of the most wonderful moments in symbiotic human nature. Embrace it.‬

8. You always have someone to split the pie with
‪Okay, not to get caught up on the takeout of it all, but ordering delivery is sad as hell when you live alone. When you live together? It’s reasonable, cheesy Christmas.‬

9. You have someone to talk you down whenever you need it
‪You’re about to text your ex. You’re three beers deep. This is it, you think, reaching for the phone. Your roommate literally slaps you. “I am so sick of hearing about this shit! Come on, we’re going out.” Not all heroes wear capes.‬

10. Your inside jokes become ten times more inside, and therefore more hilarious
‪It will annoy and ruin your relationships with everyone around you, but, L O L.‬

11. Your decor becomes kind of weird but very inspired
‪There are things that stick around as decorations for no logical reason, even if you and your roommate have the place looking dope on its own. I’m talking about empty bottles, sombreros, weird printouts of pictures of cats. My old house had a printout of a legal notice about illegally downloading a Nickleback song, it was nailed to our kitchen wall for a full year. Why? Because that is perfect. Who downloaded Nickleback? What sad lawyer even cares? What brings a room together better than the threat of a lawsuit?‬

12. You lack inhibitions but still have boundaries
‪You’re cool with peeing in the same room as the other person, being in towels around each other, and a whole host of other things that would make you uncomfortable with anyone else, but you know what makes your friend uncomfortable and you respect it.

13. Your bedroom is their bedroom is the living room is the-
‪Sometimes you share a bed even though you have two bedrooms, because you watch Se7en and are too creeped out to sleep alone. Other times you both black out and wake up on the futon in the living room. What is a ‘room,’ really? A space by any other name would feel as cozy and sweet.‬



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