Jesus at work

It is Jesus at work
When your salvation is assured
Because a huge price was paid
And your sins were washed away
Because His blood was used as bait
When all your needs are met
Because His hands have provided them
And your hope is restored
Because you have entered your rest
When your life is spared
Because you are under His shield
And your chains are broken
By the power of His name

Life is a fairytale

By Tobi Kale

I’ll get my happy Ending too, love is definitely  more complex than just any four letter word.
Sometimes, I Can’t help but wonder what it really is. Is it meant for only a specific few?
I’ve seen a lot of romantic movies yet my life hasn’t experienced even half a scene,
These things make me wonder if it truly exists or it’s just some make-believe. Some say
“you probably tend to fall in love with those who never loved you”- but really how do you
get to meet the one who loves you when everyone seems just the same?

Other times, they say “life is no fairy-tale, where you just glance at each other and  fall in love,
you have to make your move”. You finally make that move only to be left in the dark alone
with your imaginations (thinking of the most probable). They leave you lost in between scary monologues, unreplied texts and then zero emotions, I even hear that the feeling has to be mutual and I ask how many times do I have to fall in love to find the one with whom I share mutual interest with?

Then they tell you “when you find love, she would love u just d way u are and for what you are…

But the truth is love left
It left a long time ago
We stopped loving way back in time
We no longer love from the heart of feelings
We love for pleasure now
We all just paint  love
We fake it

Love isn’t the kind to seek consent before coming in, it’s that rude but lately our hearts seem to have a selective membrane… We all fall in love for the moment forgetting times when all the beauty, the strength, the wealth are all gone and all we need is a strong connection of hearts.

Well, its just me here with so much to say, lots of melodies to sing but no one to listen but alas! I won’t give up because I know love is somewhere, it’s also the sweetest feeling ever and that no matter how long, I won’t settle for less because regardless of who I am and what I have I also deserve the best and I won’t stop till I get it. That is true love.
Because life is a fairytale.

She’s wow…

She’s wow
You can take a bow
She’ beautiful
You can see it in full
She’s tender
Just like a rose flower
She’s calm
Just like a lamb
She’s quick to listen
That’s her kind of person
She’s eager to please
Just be on bended knees
She’s fragile in heart
Please don’t break her heart
She gets angry too
Remember she is human like you
She’s not weird
You could say she’s herald
She’s also blessed
As Mary was blessed