Who am I and why am I here?

Hmm… A mind-blowing question that synchronously triggers the brain, mind and heart, making it beat faster than ever. This is life’s big question that needs to be answered by all humans; old, young, disabled and able humans. We alone know who we are and it’s in us.

Who am I?
Wow! That’s a question I really love to answer because I know who I am. Well, My name is Kwarus, a young guy who just started his twenties (20’s) and hoping for a better tomorrow. I am the only male child out of five (5) children and the last born of the family. I am an extrovert carved by my family, religion, friends, mentors, culture and traditions. I try to lead a good and responsible life so as to become someone useful to my society and the world at large. I am student of computer science and I work as a software developer and database administrator. Academically, I am a smart student with awesome grades and I intend to keep that up. I’m loving, caring and down to earth.

I love to make people laugh (you can call me a comedian) with a good dancing and acting skills. I also love reading books and writing. Most times I think I’m the only guy who doesn’t play soccer but loves watching soccer and I love cartoons, movies and music.

In summary, Being optimistic, humorous, observant, accommodating and friendly is my way of life. I’m a good listener with a big heart willing to affect my world.

Why am I here?
My love for writing brought me here to learn how the ship is being sailed because I know very well that my writing skills aren’t good but I still love to write. The main reason why I am here is to pen down my feelings and that of others. Thus, producing a digital parchments of thoughts for my readers and I.

Kwarus’ Blog covers varieties of topics such as love, relationship, life, etc. The topics are most times portrayed poetically. I am also here to connect with my fellow bloggers and share ideas together.


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