Scared of Love

Sometimes I wake up thinking you’re beside me
Sometimes I just smile to myself whenever your
thoughts cross my mind but then I’m scared that
one day you’ll just walk away or start doing things
that will prompt me to walk away
I’m scared because it seems I love you more than you love me
I’m not really that kind of girl that gives in to emotions
I’m just scared cos I never wanted to love you this much 😔
I feel very vulnerable whenever I love someone this way
I’m scared that will you’ll stop caring or start treating me bad
because you know how much I love you
I’m scared I love you this much
I’m sacred of loving of you more
I’m just scared of LOVE

12 thoughts on “Scared of Love

  1. Thank you for reading from my blog. Your verse here is important. Love is seen as good, and it is (the best). But love can cause fear as well. Loving is a vulnerable act. It’s more secure when we know it goes both ways the same. Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. Thanks clcouch, you are welcome. I really appreciate you for reading my post in between lines, it gladdens my heart that my work is being appreciated.


  2. If there is constant worry this affects belief and behaviour and can strain a relationship. To totally love somebody else one has to be comfortable with and love oneself then self doubts disappear.

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