She’s wow…

She’s wow
You can take a bow
She’ beautiful
You can see it in full
She’s tender
Just like a rose flower
She’s calm
Just like a lamb
She’s quick to listen
That’s her kind of person
She’s eager to please
Just be on bended knees
She’s fragile in heart
Please don’t break her heart
She gets angry too
Remember she is human like you
She’s not weird
You could say she’s herald
She’s also blessed
As Mary was blessed

7 thoughts on “She’s wow…

  1. I loved this specially how you concluded! I have a couple of suggestions to you if you dont mind,
    1. Your logo is good but must be cleaner, as I saw that first because its in header and I have eye on design
    2. If you use graphics in your poems, readers will be more tempted to read on!
    Thanks !

    Liked by 1 person

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