What a world!

By Ovenomo Erube

What a world
Full of ups and downs
That causes your frown
You take a breath
And you feel the earth
You look at the sky
You wish you can fly
Life is good, you’d say
What a lovely day
Like a sweet bay
You face your fears
In the midst of your peers
You hieve a sigh of relieve
Because of who (God) you believe
With Him you can succeed
And so you proceed
Through the journey of life
All in the phase of time
You look at the time
It’s running as fast as time
You then decide to plan
You make your goals plain
Soon the table is turned
And everyone is stunned
You become a celebrity
Still retaining your integrity
Then it goes on
Till the day you are gone
To the great beyond
Where you meet your creator.


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