I’m sorry – Ovenomo Erube

I know I had done wrong
And it has lasted too long
I have caused you so much tears
And it has increased your fears
I intensified your pain
As though being punished with a cane
I caused you depression
Putting you in a state of confusion
I betrayed the trust you had for me
Giving you a reason to despise me
I loosened the bond between us
Even worse than vander waals’
I left you when you needed me most
Like a metal pipe left to rust
I said the wrong words
Even when I knew it hurts
I made you a subject of scorn
Cos I’d soon forgotten we are one
I am here to plead your mercy
Believe me dearie, I’m sorry…



Uncanny Ability

I have an uncanny ability
to fall for women that don’t fall for me
even when I try to make them smile
every time I try to impress them
but they still call me a looser
they turn and say good bye
maybe it’s my gene
maybe I’m not good looking
maybe it’s the way I speak
or could it be that
I haven’t found her yet?

Scared of Love

Sometimes I wake up thinking you’re beside me
Sometimes I just smile to myself whenever your
thoughts cross my mind but then I’m scared that
one day you’ll just walk away or start doing things
that will prompt me to walk away
I’m scared because it seems I love you more than you love me
I’m not really that kind of girl that gives in to emotions
I’m just scared cos I never wanted to love you this much 😔
I feel very vulnerable whenever I love someone this way
I’m scared that will you’ll stop caring or start treating me bad
because you know how much I love you
I’m scared I love you this much
I’m sacred of loving of you more
I’m just scared of LOVE

How do I get her back into my life?

Seeing her there
Framed in the carved doorway
Was like watching a dream

Seeing her there
Framed in the carved doorway
Was like watching a dream come to life
She’d been starring in my nighttime fantasies for months
I remember how beautiful she’d looked when we made love
How are eyes flared when I took possession of her
Oh! Poor me, I messed up and threw her out of the door
Now I just can’t get her out of my mind
There’s an emptiness inside my soul
Loneliness is eating me up
Tears is the order of my day
I feel bad that I made her cry
I hurt her deeply that I can see her bleed emotionally
I want to re-write my wrong
Now I’ve lost her
How do I find her,
How do I get her back into my life?

Un-break my heart

Don’t leave me in all this pain
Don’t leave me out in the rain
Come back and bring back my smile
Come and take these tears away
I need your arms to hold me now
The nights are so unkind
And life is so cruel without you here beside me
Without you I just can’t go on
Come and kiss this pain away
I try to forget that you said you didn’t care
Cause in my heart all i want is you here
I cried so many nights
My life is down
My smile is now a frown
My world is shattered
You are all I ever need
Un-break my heart.