I’m sorry – Ovenomo Erube

I know I had done wrong
And it has lasted too long
I have caused you so much tears
And it has increased your fears
I intensified your pain
As though being punished with a cane
I caused you depression
Putting you in a state of confusion
I betrayed the trust you had for me
Giving you a reason to despise me
I loosened the bond between us
Even worse than vander waals’
I left you when you needed me most
Like a metal pipe left to rust
I said the wrong words
Even when I knew it hurts
I made you a subject of scorn
Cos I’d soon forgotten we are one
I am here to plead your mercy
Believe me dearie, I’m sorry…



Could this be love?

As she walks into the hall
I couldn’t help but smile
With my heart bleeding from the
Arrow she shot me
My heart still craving for her love
Despite all the wounds
I incurred from loving her

Rarely, have I felt this way
This feeling is so strange
Is this how it feels
To let go of someone you love
And seeing them after a while
Your heart starts to race faster than ever 
Could this be love?