He’s good,

Never said he had no bad in him,

He wronged you a couple of times

And he became ugly,

Making you despise him with so much passion.

#The Rake

Her legs – Samuel Kwarus

Have you seen her legs?
Well straightened and
A little curved at the bottom
When its wrapped around you
Your soul drifts away
When she catwalks
It makes me quiver down my spine
I took one look and I know
I was seeing trouble
Oh I need a glass of water
I can’t afford too many looks
Because she’s so tempting
She is what can kill a man
But I have made up my mind
That I’ll die in her arms
Because something must kill a man

The Touch

.. Paul decides to use shortcut to get the Ladies and he got more than he asked for … THE TOUCH brought to you by HOUSE OF CRAZE … Anticipate The biggest show yet to hit ukraine … THE GOOD THE MAD AND THE FUNNY with @falzthebahdguy …