Honoring your parent is a commandment that every child should never
forget to obey. As a juvenile, I was Privileged to wear the shoes my parents
have been wearing their whole life, for just a week and the experience was
overwhelming. I felt the pain in my feet, like a lady wearing a heel for the
first time. What a sacrifice they have been making to wear those shoes!
Hmm, it is indeed an uneasy task aimed at fulfilling the desired dreams
for their children, the future leaders. While some parents take the responsibility
bestowed on them by God to an extra mile, others cannot afford the sacrifice,
for their children because of some circumstances beyond their control.
I write this to all parents who are giving their best to their children and to
those finding it hard out are trying to, I say kudos and keep flourishing.
To the children, let us make the parenting job easy for our parents and
guidance, because as the clock ticks, we are getting close to becoming parents.



My first love,
My first teacher,
My goddess,
My angel in disguise,
My heroine,

The reason why I’m alive,
The precious soul dat sparkles my world,
The foundation of my world,
The one who made me feel a slight of heaven,
The one that brings me back on track,

Nurtured me like I’m a royal,
Loves me despite my shortcomings,
Always there for me,
Despite the dumb things I do,
She is an African woman,
Strong, Beautiful and Blessed,
She is My Mother.