For Love – Ovenomo Erube

You go on your knees
With eyes full of tearful pleas
You lose strength
Giving your last breath
You quarrel with friends
Forgetting you’ll need them when it bends
You disobey your parents
Falling into love net
You go against your will
To sweeten the pills
You hate your advisers
Because they were only putting you wise
You break all protocols
Without considering the cost
You change your principles
To fit the new rule
You change your belief
You create a sense of relieve
You forgive easily
To end the quarrel peacefully
You struggle to make ends meet
In the midst of the heat
You close your eyes to the flaw
Thinking it’s the rule of love
You share your most hidden secrets
As though you’re with a catholic priest
You practice self-giving
Making life more interesting
And then you lose blood
Oh my good Lord!!!


Who am I and why am I here?

Hmm… A mind-blowing question that synchronously triggers the brain, mind and heart, making it beat faster than ever. This is life’s big question that needs to be answered by all humans; old, young, disabled and able humans. We alone know who we are and it’s in us.

Who am I?
Wow! That’s a question I really love to answer because I know who I am. Well, My name is Kwarus, a young guy who just started his twenties (20’s) and hoping for a better tomorrow. I am the only male child out of five (5) children and the last born of the family. I am an extrovert carved by my family, religion, friends, mentors, culture and traditions. I try to lead a good and responsible life so as to become someone useful to my society and the world at large. I am student of computer science and I work as a software developer and database administrator. Academically, I am a smart student with awesome grades and I intend to keep that up. I’m loving, caring and down to earth.

I love to make people laugh (you can call me a comedian) with a good dancing and acting skills. I also love reading books and writing. Most times I think I’m the only guy who doesn’t play soccer but loves watching soccer and I love cartoons, movies and music.

In summary, Being optimistic, humorous, observant, accommodating and friendly is my way of life. I’m a good listener with a big heart willing to affect my world.

Why am I here?
My love for writing brought me here to learn how the ship is being sailed because I know very well that my writing skills aren’t good but I still love to write. The main reason why I am here is to pen down my feelings and that of others. Thus, producing a digital parchments of thoughts for my readers and I.

Kwarus’ Blog covers varieties of topics such as love, relationship, life, etc. The topics are most times portrayed poetically. I am also here to connect with my fellow bloggers and share ideas together.